Pisces season (19 Feb. - 20 Mar.) ♓️

About Us

Why it all started


We created BONDZ STORE because we want people to wear something representable and meaningful. We want people to admire themselves and more importantly, admire others. 


What you wear is your first chance to make a serious statement in any environment or situation you find yourself in.

And trust me, first impressions DO count!

Understand yourself and understand others so that you can create and find better relationships!

When you send your friend a gift from us that has something meaningful, you're actually saying to that person that you understand his personality and admire it. And want him to do so too!


We believe you deserve a quality product. We hand-check every your order before deliver!


We manufacture all of our own products & only sell them online. This means you get original products. Wrapped and hand-checked every time you order!



❥ روابـــط أجـــمـــل 


!...صفحة من كتاب مهم في حياتك

 أنا أمتلك شخصية مختلفة ، و بلا شك ، أن لكل شخص شخصية مختلفة أيضاً ، بداخلها جمال مختبئ ، لنحاول فهم أنفسنا اولاً حتى نستطيع فهم 

 ! الآخرين و نرى ذلك الجمال الذي يكمن بداخل كل شخص ، لنتعايش .. بطريقة أجــمــل


! إن مفاتيح هذا الكون تكمن بداخلك أنت ، أبحر داخل نفسك و اتبع النور عندما تراه .. و كن على ثقة بأنك ستراه  




❤ The Universe is Within You, Follow The Light Inside! 

❤ More Love, For Better Bondz! ❤



 ❤ Stay tuned and updated for new arrivals .. ❤